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Stand models for the exhibition

Stand models - are young men and women, who present some goods and services at various exhibitions. Key responsibilities of stand models - to meet visitors, to demonstrate the product, to hold tastings, to distribute the promo material and to consult all interested guests.

Стендистка Стендистки на выставку Стендистки

Stand models usually dressed in a special outfit that attracts the attention of visitors and gives some idea about ​​the advertised goods and services. Stand models in vivid and even extravagant costumes well stays in the memory of potential buyers and contributes to the promotion of products. Recently, more often required to participate in exhibitions those stand models, who have artistic abilities and can carry a small theater play or dance.


The task of stand models - to become «the face of the company» at the exhibition and make a good impression on a potential audience. Ability to attract more visitors to the stand is a main factor for the success of the exhibition. This requires not only the spectacular costumes and stand models with attractive appearance, but also a good knowledge of the advertised products and certain communication skills. Stand models with good knowledge of foreign language successfully participate in international exhibitions. Obviously, the beauty of stand model helps to draw attention of passing by public, but on the other hand, the task of stand model is to inform guests about the goods or services of promotions and benefits for customers. Ability to convince a highly regarded, so companies that need stand models, try to hire only specially trained and participated in exhibitions girls.

Sweet Models Agency has gained good experience in the modeling business and has its own base of models. According to this fact, the applications of customers who require stand models to the exhibition, are executed operatively and with high efficiency.

Sweet Models employees select for each client not only charming and beautiful stand models, but the young men and women that are highly responsible attitude to their duties and have repeatedly participated in different events.

The agency also recommends the following services for exhibitions: hostesses, promo models.

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