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Models for fashion show

Requirements for models for shows, regardless of gender and age are very strict. Under similar basic criteria imposed, including the models for photo shoots, men, women and children models on show are have a particularly visually attractive, inner charm, discipline, hard work, and if you want, endurance, because the podium work is a very serious and tedious. Why are the requirements for the model on shows so high and do not allow compromise? Because in close proximity to hundreds of viewers it can not be used the tools of Photoshop or a video editor.

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Being on the podium, the model needs to be perfect in every way, from the possession of the body, to skills the best way to show demonstrated clothes, shoes, underwear and accessories. Therefore, we select models for shows - men and women, who are perfect in defile, able to create any desired image in the models base of the agency. As for the physical parametres, among the main requirements for the models on shows are: a slim figure, the height of women in the range of 174-178 cm and a height of men 185-188 cm. To the children working on the podium, the general requirements differs just a little from adults.

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Most of our models on shows are working on a permanent basis in the modeling industry. Many of them appear in the specialized weekly shows like Russian Fashion Week, exhibitions, presentations of brands, participate in events organized by the leading Russian and foreign fashion houses. Men and women models on shows from Sweet Models are very popular and always demand at shows in major shopping malls and showrooms. Often, our models are invited to shows of hairstyles and haircuts to festivals and hairdressing competitions.

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