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The dancers, dance groups

Dancers invited to the event always guarantee it’s success. In any event, dancing is considered the most important and most "tasty" point of the program. The performance by professional dancers and dance groups invariably create a delightful holiday atmosphere, filling it with powerful energy, passion and brilliance of colors. The most ordinary event can be easily turned into a magical act by dance team and instantly adjust the guests on the right wave.


Танцоры Танцоры на стенд Танцоры go-go

It is impossible to imagine modern wedding, anniversary, birthday party without dancing. At such events you can not only order the dancers to entertain your friends and relatives, but also make a fantastic gift to a birthday celebrant. It is easy to imagine the delight of the guests, when dancers suddenly come out on the area in colorful costumes. More and more often dance groups are invited to exhibitions and promotional events, where they cause a mad interest in visitors, and the dancers on the corporate parties become a tradition among the organizers of informal meetings with colleagues.

Sweet Models Agency is actively collaborating with dance groups and individual performers of all genres. For our clients we are always able to provide a highly professional dance group to order the classic, original or modern style, female, male or mixed composition artists. You just need to choose - show-ballet or cossack ensemble, a group performing Russian folk dances, a passionate tango masters, variety and can-can dancers, and maybe you are interesting artists of different genres.

Almost all of the dancers for the event from the Sweet Models Agency have the choreographic education and a wealth of practical experience in various areas of the highest level. The choice of the team depends on the level, scope and purpose of the event, where they have to perform. It will be strange to see, for example, a Russian folk dance at the celebration of the opening a new night club. We are always ready to help to organize a dance show in the right way for you, we will also render consulting assistance in selecting the most preferred dancers, dancing direction for your event.

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